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SMB Digital Sales

Get to “Yes” with SpyderFix®

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SpyderFix® Digital Intel

Opens Doors. Closes Sales.

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SpyderFix® Delivers “Big Data”

To Even Your Smallest SMBs

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Sell From A Position of Power. Reach. Speed.

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Digital Intel at Your Fingertips

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SpyderFix® Personal Assistant

One Click Gets You Started

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New Customers. New Revenue.

The SpyderFix® Difference.

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SpyderFix® Knows it All.

Helps Sell Competitive Intel.

Discover the Reach, Power and Speed of SpyderFix’s Automated All‑in‑One Customer Acquisition Software.

Whether you are an SEO Company, a large online agency, or a website developer, SpyderFix® can help you close sales, streamline your initial evaluations and deliver targeted tasks to increase your clients’ online effectiveness and website presence.

Watch the comprehensive demo video and discover what SpyderFix® can do for your business today.


SPYDERFIX®: Reach. Power. Speed.

It’s the only all-in-one software that can:

• Analyze and score your web presence—strengths and weaknesses — in more than 20 categories in minutes • Compare your online presence and spending against your top 3 competitors • Identify the top keywords to drive traffic to your website • Evaluate your social and mobile impact • Fix your bugs and recommend real time solutions • Be used as a customer acquisition tool to grow your business


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JWEB Digital — A Technology Company

JWEB Digital is a data-driven technology company focused on developing and delivering innovative software solutions to increase digital marketing sales productivity in the SMB space. Our company’s approach is based on an understanding of digital intelligence and how data, analytics, automation and design can perfect the digital sales and marketing process.

Our company was founded by a team of technology, sales and marketing experts that has a passion for developing applied technology in the digital marketing field. Our goal is to help sales organizations meet the growing demand from SMBs for digital intelligence to make smart business decisions. We are completely committed to understanding what our customers want and to delivering the most advanced technology and software products available to secure and increase digital sales opportunities for them.

Let JWEB Digital help your company and sales organization become digital experts and increase your digital sales productivity and profitability in ONE CLICK.


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